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Against all foretelling and scientific proof, humans have ruined their home, Earth. Overpopulation and the misuse of valuable fossil fuels have resulted in the end of the world fast approaching, and many believe it might be too late to stop it. 
With that fear very much in mind, in the year 3030, an alien race called the Thrakorian’s stepped in to take charge of the Earth and its inhabitants, but at a price. 
Rather than leading by fear, the Thrakorian’s have ensured the loyalty and servitude of the human race through gratitude and a sense of purpose they’d been lacking for generations. But can their savior’s really be as generous as they seem? 

Years later, and rebel forces are intent on bringing down their new governing race, and Earth’s new leader atop it. Loyal humans must fight against their own, but to what end, and for whose agenda? 

Young Kyra Millan is a girl from the slums with a valuable mind. She’s intent on fighting her way up the social ladders and starting a new life based on her own merit, and will do anything it takes to reach her peak. Kyra also harbors a strange and unusual secret though, and it’s one she holds so precious it consumes her. Before long it becomes clear that all is not what it seems, but when you’re in too deep can you ever come back, and would you even want to? 
Kyra must decide, and with everything on the line she’ll have to prove herself if she wants to survive. 


In the year 3030 an alien race named the Thrakorian’s invaded Earth, and won. 
Years later, and while King Kronus sits on his throne on high for all to adore and worship, or else refuse and perish, rebels have risen up to challenge his reign. They need to be stopped, but he doesn’t seem to care. He isn’t interested in the planet he’s left his underlings to command, however the entire human race continues to serve him blindly. 
And yet, there are huge discrepancies the likes of which most humans didn’t care to see. But she saw them. Kyra Millan, probably the most devoted human soldier in Kronus’ cause, but also the one with the most amount of questions. 
Despite everything she’s done and the ladders she’s climbed, or the friends in high places she has made along the way, Kyra has begun to see through the lies. 

In one awful meeting, Kronus made her life’s work seem like nothing more than a waste of her time and talents, and then he’d sent her away without another word of explanation. 
But, Kyra knew she would continue to serve him, for what else did she have without her unwavering loyalty to Kronus and his reign? 
Now, she has to find a way to balance what she knows and how she feels, however neither he nor any others of his kind seem willing to make it easy on her. Kyra still yearns for her leader’s approval and to keep her place within his regime, so much so she’s determined to fight him on the issue—even if she has to break every rule in the book to prove herself right. 
With the hope she can get away with defying her alien overlord one more time, she’s determined to try and infiltrate the rebels opposing him, whether he wants her to or not. 

But there’s something Kyra isn’t prepared for. Because when you get in too deep, sometimes it’s hard to remember what’s real and what’s fake anymore…



In the year 3030, an alien race named the Thrakorian’s invaded Earth, and won.

Over twenty years later, the humans have finally discovered the truth behind their invasion, albeit too late. The Thrakorian’s weren’t on Earth to protect or to preserve the dying planet and its overpopulated race. They had an ulterior motive. The were there on a research mission, looking to their distant cousins for aspects of their DNA that might be used to help cure the Thrakorian’s of a vicious disease plaguing their kind—Ehrad. 

Having taken what they wanted, they’ve left the Earth behind to die, along with billions of humans refused sanctuary on their home planet of Thrakor. And so, with their precious human cargo in tow, the Thrakorian’s are headed home with hopes of a better life for all those affected by the Ehrad disease once they reach it. 

Aboard their mother ship, Kyra Millan has been stowed away by her boyfriend and Thrakorian superior, Thrayke. His plan is to keep her hidden while onboard and then sneak her home with him so they can be together, but all without the attentive eye of their leader, King Kronus, watching over them. Watching her.

If only things were that simple…



In the year 3030, an alien race named the Thrakorian’s invaded Earth, and won.

They came on a research mission and in search of one thing, and one thing only—answers. The humans held the key to finding those resolutions and after searching relentlessly for over two decades, the Thrakorian’s finally found their cure. 
Everything was going perfectly, until the scientist in charge of cultivating the vaccine steered things in a purely selfish direction. Greegis had manipulated them all into believing he had a stable serum within his reach, when in fact he had nothing. 

Prince Kronus wants to find the solution with the help of his team of scientists dedicated to producing their cure. And while he’s at it, he might just find answers to some of the other questions stirring within him. Haunting him. Holding him back. Things that have nothing to do with his disease or the uncertainty of the future, but something else entirely, and it just happens that there is someone willing to help him. Someone who comes crashing into his life and ends up being unlike anyone he’s ever known before. A young woman who might penetrate that icy exterior at long last and help him be the type of leader he always wanted to be. The leader he knows he’s truly capable of becoming…


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